A nurse is providing teaching to a newly licensed nurse about the legal guidelines

1. A nurse is providing an in-service about client right for a group of nurses. Which of the following

statements should the nurse include in the service?

a. A nurse can disclose information to a family member with the client’s permission

b. A nurse can apply restraints on a PRN basis

c. A nurse can administer medications without consent to a client as a part of a research


d. A nurse is responsible for informing clients about treatment options

2. A nurse manager observes an assistive personnel (AP) incorrectly transferring a client to the

bedside commode. Which of the following should the nurse take first?

a. Refer the AP to the facility procedure manual

b. Demonstrate the proper client transfer technique for the AP?

c. Instruct the AP to request assistance when unsure about a task

d. Help the AP assist the client with the transfer

3. A nurse enters a client room to witness an informed consent for a gastroscopy. The client states

he does not understand the procedure. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?

a. Educate the client about the risks of refusing medications

b. Complete an incident report

c. Answer the client question concerning the procedure

d. Inform the provider that the client requires clarification about the procedure

4. A nurse is developing a discharge plan for a client who is postoperative and will require a

wheelchair in the home. The nurse should place a referral to which of the following resources to

assist the client with this need?

a. Physical therapy

b. Social services

c. Occupational therapy

d.Home health

5. A nurse is preparing a teaching session with a client who speaks a different language than the

nurse. Which of the following interventions should the nurse plan to make?

a. Provider an interpreter when obtaining consent from the client

b. Validate understanding by interpreting the client’s body language

c. Include the client’s partner to assist with the teaching session

d. Incorporate gestures and hand signals when presenting information

6. A nurse on a surgical unit is preparing to transfer a client to a rehabilitation facility. Which of the

following information should the nurse include in the change of shift report?

a. The steps to follow when providing wound care

b. The clients preferred time for bathing

c. The belief that client has a difficult relationship with his son

d. The time the client received his last dose of pain medication

7. A nurse is preparing to discharge a client who as end stage heart failure. The client’s partner

tells the nurse she can no longer handle caring for the client. Which of the following action

should the nurse take?

a. Request another family member assist the client’s partner with care

b. Recommend the partner place the client in long term-care facility

c. Contact the case manager to discuss discharge options